• Dilumat™ Expert

Dilumat™ Expert

Automated gravimetric diluter for small volume samples

  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Traceability
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Dilumat Expert is a high quality gravimetric sample diluter. It is an ideal instrument for cosmetics applications as it can dilute and weigh samples as small as 1g.

Standardized sample preparation in your lab

The automated Dilumat Expert enables you to perform high quality small volume sample dilution. Microbial analysis for cosmetic products is therefore standardized, secured and more rapid.

Dilumat Expert is so flexible that it enables you to adjust the dilution speed of your sample.

With standardized dilutions, avoid the risk of false lab results and increase your productivity.

Perform sample dilutions with DILUMAT Expert

  • Ideal solution for cosmetic products
  • Weighing range from 0.3kg to 3kg
  • Minimum weigh: 1g (accuracy < 1%)

Save time & money by introducing an automated diluter into your lab

  • Adjustable dilution speed: 25g dilution in < 10 sec
  • Dilution with 2 pumps simultaneously

Ensure diluent and sample traceability

  • High accuracy meets BAM and ISO requirements
  • Customizable label

Optimize your lab workflow

  • Plug-and-play instrument: no tedious installation needed
  • AutoStart mode : no operator intervention needed
  • Small footprint for an ideal workspace organization


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