• VIDAS Protein C

VIDAS® Protein C

Automated diagnosis of protein C deficiencies

VIDAS® Protein C is a rapid, sensitive and accurate ELFA test for the quantitative measurement of protein C. It runs on the VIDAS® family of immunoanalyzers.

  • Automated test
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Single-test format adapted to small volumes
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VIDAS® Protein C is an automated test that measures the concentration of protein C in human plasma, enabling rapid diagnosis of protein C quantitative deficiencies (type I)1. It thus helps identify patients at high risk for the development of venous thromboembolism.

Thanks to its single-test format, VIDAS® Protein C is a cost-effective assay you can easily run in your own lab or medical center.

Test benefits

  • Rapid result: 35 minutes
  • Easy to use: Ready-to-use strips. Just load and go.
  • A cost-effective solution for infrequent testing:
    • Single-test format
    • Only 30 tests per kit
    • Kits contain all reagents needed to run the test (including calibrators and controls)
    • Long shelf life: 12 months


1. Marlar R.A. et al. Clinical evaluation of protein C: a comparative review of antigenic and functional assays. Hum. Pathol. 1989;20:1040-7.


Technical specifications for VIDAS® Protein C
Reference 30 115
Tests/kit 30
Time to result 35 minutes
Sample type Citrated plasma
Sample volume 100 µL
Calibration frequency 14 days


Find more technical details on www.myvidas.com.


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